A.I.O.M. Agenzia Imprenditoriale Operatori Marittimi – Trieste 

The North-Eastern Adriatic Port Range (Trieste, Monfalcone and Porto Nogaro) together with the four regional inland ports of Pordenone, Cervignano, Gorizia and Trieste-Fernetti make up a core network at the crossroads of the main access routes to the Central-Eastern European market, the two corridors of the TEN-T “Mediterranean Corridor” and the “Adriatic-Baltic Corridor” network.
The Agenzia Imprenditoriale Operatori Marittimi – Trieste, set up in 1985 on the initiative of the Trieste Shippers’ Association, the Union of Trieste Traders, the Industrialists’ Association of Trieste and the Maritime Agents’ Association of Trieste, promotes the development of the logistic and port assets of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, with the support of the logistic operators and the socio-economic  categories of the transport sector.
By passing two laws (LR/22/1987 and LR/57/1991) the Regional Administration has recognised A.I.O.M.’s role and value as a tool of advisory technical support for the implementation of initiatives aimed at supporting and developing the regional transport economy.

A.I.O.M. promotes the development of the logistic and port assets
of the F.V.G. Region.



Among its main activities, A.I.O.M. pursues the goal of protecting and promoting the interests of maritime transport and the operators of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region >>

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