Our activities…

Among its main activities A.I.O.M. aims at protecting and promoting the interests of both maritime transport and the maritime operators of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region; maximising the use of the port of Trieste, the other regional ports and all the main terminals making up the Logistic Platform of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region; working towards the consolidation of the maritime lines operating in Trieste and other regional ports; providing operators with suitable analyses and information to be used for the development of internal and transit traffic flows; monitoring the evolution of “shipping”, contributing to and participating, also in association with other territorial subjects, in the implementation of projects concerning the commercial sector and maritime and land transport, promoted and developed within the framework of the multi-annual Community development and cohesion programmes.
On the above-mentioned topics A.I.O.M. conducts studies and research on behalf of both its members and third parties.
Furthermore, A.I.O.M. collaborates with the Universities of the Region and other sectoral technical Institutes on integrated training projects in the field of logistics, transport and ports.

Download the list of studies and projects developed by A.I.O.M.